A welding technician performs TIG welding on a piece of metal for a metalworking project.

What is TIG Welding and What are its Advantages?

When those in greater Kalamazoo need professional TIG welding, they know to count on Elite Welding & Fabrication. Our customers know that our team always works to provide the best available welding services. And, like all welding techniques, TIG welding has a better time and place that professional welders use it when compared to other…

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Close up of a CNC laser cutting machine welding a piece of metal into component parts.

What Benefits does a CNC Laser Cutting Machine offer?

Different metalworking requires different equipment, but a CNC laser cutting machine offers versatility for various projects. A capable machine, a laser cutter works to provide precise work for every use. Professional metalworking operations that utilize CNC laser cutting offer quick turnaround without sacrificing quality. Elite Welding & Fabrication uses laser cutting to ensure a great…

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Two mature men working on component manufacturing in a metal fabrication factory.

Component Manufacturing Speeds up Winter Projects

When it comes to winter projects, component manufacturing is a great asset to have. As temperatures outside drop, a variety of industries look to interior work for the next business venture. So, that’s where Elite Welding & Fabrication comes in. With a variety of capabilities for manufacturing parts big or small, our team is your…

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A worker at a contract manufacturing company cuts a piece of metal for a job.

Work with a Contract Manufacturing Company that Does it All

When you hire a contract manufacturing company, you need one that does it all. Rather than provide a simple list of products, you should work with one that meets the specifications that your company requires. This is especially true with metalwork. Metal work requires precision to turn out perfect. From 3D model drawings to professional…

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3D CAD Modeling and Drawing of a metal staircase.

3D CAD Modeling and Design: How it Creates the Perfect Object

If you have ever considered a metalworking project, you may have encountered the phrase “3D CAD modeling and design.” There is no doubt that 3D CAD modeling is now integral to the creation of unique, precisely cut metalworking projects. Using the fast and accurate capabilities of a computer, this method creates a faster turnaround for…

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A worker in welder mask does MIG welding in a workshop.

What is MIG Welding and How Does it Work?

If you have ever looked into welding techniques, you have probably heard MIG welding mentioned. But, what exactly is it and how does it work? There are a variety of welding techniques that metalworking shops operate with. And, with each of them comes a variety of benefits. With MIG welding being a more widely known…

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Elite Welding & Fabrication Main Building

What is the Difference Between Welding and Fabrication?

Welding and fabrication are often discussed together when it comes to metalworking. Although they’re both important to the process of metalworking, they do indeed mean two different things. Whereas fabrication refers to the overall process of manufacturing metal products, welding consists of one part of the entire fabrication process.  Because fabrication covers all parts of…

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Custom Welded Rack | Elite Welding & Fabrication

Professional Metalworking for Projects Large or Small

When customers consider their metalworking options, an operation that deals with orders both large and small is the best option. Projects that involve cutting metal often have large, simple cuts, or precision cuts that take care and attention to detail. Here at Elite Welding & Fabrication, we take care of these extreme cuts and everything…

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CNC Laser Cutting Machine

What are Metal Laser Cutting Services?

Metal is a great material to work with, and that’s why laser cutting services are important. They allow individuals to receive metal that is cut and crafted into the exact shape they need. The full capabilities, of course, rely on the type of material that is being cut as well as its size and shape.…

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Welding stainless steel.

Onsite Welding Repairs Reduce Cost and Workload

When component parts of metal need repairs, onsite welding repairs are a great solution. Rather than spend extra resources bringing parts to get welded, onsite welding reduces the cost and workload involved on your project. There are varying degrees of welding projects, so it’s important to consider onsite welding if it would benefit yours. Elite…

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Zoomed In Welder Working | Elite Welding & Fabrication

3 Reasons to Hire Professional Welders for Repairs

Repairs to metal equipment often benefit from the experience only professional welders provide. A quality weld is important, especially for industrial equipment. Welding should help hold everything together once again with a dependable repair. Although welding can be done anywhere, the professionals at Elite Welding & Fabrication provide only the best welding services for guaranteed…

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Still of metal welding.

When is Custom Metal Fabrication the Right Choice?

When considering a team to create component parts, one that offers custom metal fabrication is often a great choice. Every project has different requirements. This is why custom fabrication services are a serious consideration depending on what a project needs. Elite Welding & Fabrication offers these services whenever they’re needed. By taking engineering drawings, precision…

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