MIG welding, onsite welding, and more

Elite Welding & Fabrication provides a variety of in-house and onsite welding services. Additionally, we work with most types of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We have the experience to know what processes are necessary to perform a strong visually appealing weld based on your application. And, we can perform welds based off engineering drawings and specifications, or recommend the size welds and process necessary for your project.

Our In-House and Onsite Welding Services:

MIG Welding

Man providing onsite welding services with a MIG welding gun to repair an item | Elite Welding & Fabrication

Carbon and Stainless Steel — up to 1”

Aluminum — up to 1”

With equipment to handle thin materials to thick structural materials ranging from carbon steel and stainless to aluminum, we are able to perform the MIG welds necessary to complete your projects.

Some advantages of MIG Welding include: Faster welding time, high quality welds, long-pass welding, great penetration, and fewer stops and starts.

TIG Welding

Man using TIG Welding Gun To Repair Item | Elite Welding & Fabrication

Carbon and Stainless Steel — 24 ga / 1/2″

Aluminum — .025 / 1/2″

TIG welding offers a solution for welding critical joints, and for situations where small or exceptionally precise welds are required. TIG welding works well with thin materials as well as thicker structural components.

Some advantages of TIG Welding include: small precision welds, ability to join dissimilar metals, high quality and high purity welds.

Stick Welding

Stick Welding Image With Sparks Flying | Elite Welding & Fabrication

Carbon and Stainless Steel — up to 1″


Stick welding offers a solution for welding of materials where wind or rain is a concern while performing the weld. It is less sensitive to paint, corrosion, and dirt than other welding processes, saving time on pre-welding clean-up.

Some advantages to Stick Welding include: effective in wind and rain, less prep required to perform a strong quality weld, and portability.